Silicon Valley erhält erste Roboter-Lunch-Lieferungen

Robotic suppliers will soon come to an office or university near you.

Launched in 2014 by two former Skype founders, Starship Technologies announced a “major commercial rollout” of its autonomous six-wheeled carrier bots.

Introduced three years ago, on-demand dispatchers aiming to eliminate the cost, latency and environmental impact of local drop-offs – food in this case.

Employees at the Intuit Mountain View campus can now order meals, snacks or drinks throughout the 4.3 acre site; book through the Starship Mobile App, drop a needle to your location, and then wait.

The 22-pound Autobots need an average of 17 minutes for goods transport. And best of all, they do not expect a tip.

Janus Friis told The Guardian: “We have seen a great demand for breakfast,” co-founder Janus Friis told The Guardian. “For some reason, people just do not want to wait – they want to go straight to work and avoid the snake early in the morning.”

On-campus pods provide automatic battery replacement as well as off-field housing for the robots; They are available in different sizes and can be designed according to the local architecture.

According to the company, the launch of Intuit marks on “important milestone” for Starship Technologies, which is expanding its pilot programs in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Estonia.

“Starship CEO Ahti Heinla in a statement.

And they can do more than just serve the daily cuisine. The robots are able to deliver everything, from office supplies to tools and spare parts. The most common among the Intuit employees: breakfast sandwiches.